clogged oil filter

Do you suspect a clogged oil filter?

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Do you know that clogged oil filter, internal damages to an automobile’s engine? It is not good for a car if you perform negligence in the maintenance of a car. You know what? One part of a car is not working properly or it needs replacement and it can damage the other part.

For example, if you use bad engine oil, it is not good for the health of your car and it can cause damage and lose its ability to lubricate. If engine oil becomes poor over time or degrades it got thick and will damage your car engine.

So, it is compulsory that you have to check your car-clogged oil filter. There are a few following compulsory steps that help you to check your car’s clogged oil filter.

  • Oil gauge warning symbol indication on the dashboard
  • Engine Spitting
  • Poor Drive Performance
  • Oil Pressure Low
  • Oil Pressure High
  • The engine going To Overheat
  • Audible Engine noise

Oil gauge warning symbol indication on the dashboard

If your car oil pressure is getting low or thick then you have checked a red oil warning light on your information cluster and it is the right time to check it thoroughly. Because if you keep driving the car it can result and can give you heavy damage with very expensive repair costs of your engine and in most cases, you need to replace the whole engine of your car.

If the warning symbol only indicate a few times it also, means that a sign your car oil pressure is getting low by a bad or clogged oil filter.

Engine Spitting

The oil filter cleans the oil of pollution and then dismisses it into the engine so it can spread around the moving parts to lubricate them and stock the heat. If the oil filter is not letting motor oil into the engine, the parts will suffer and your engine will explode. You will notice the faster it spits, and this problem should not be ignored as spitting damages the engine.

Poor Drive Performance

Poor performance can be a lot number of damage and a clogged oil filter is one of them. You can check that you press down the accelerator and it seems as if nothing was done. Your engine performance will slow and not pick up the speed it mostly does. This is a sign of a clogged fuel filter, carburetor, or fuel injector issues, a clogged air filter, or transmission of all these parts can be in problem. You can also know car for sale in Pakistan from worldwide and sell and purchases are also.

Engine performance may be stuck by the oil filter, which is in charge of flow the lubrication necessary for fulfill engine operation. Without sufficient oiling, it would not be reasonable to anticipate an engine to operate as intention.

Oil Pressure Low

You can’t see your oil pressure gauge leakage during driving. If you will try to do it, you can get an oil problem. Oil pressure leakage can be the reason for a clogged filter or a serious problem for the engine, most leaks don’t normally just happen instantly. No matter the cause, if our oil pressure gauge needle turns down quickly, do the above. Stop driving your vehicle, and call for a tow to an auto workshop.

Oil Pressure High

A clogged oil filter is also the main cause of high oil pressure. High oil pressure can be dangerous more than low oil pressure for the vehicle engine. It also can cause gasket oil leakage eg: when you noticed that there is oil leakage in the engine cabin or oil filter it can be caused by a poor oil filter.

The engine going to Overheat

Engine oil filter saturation is largely due to the quality of the engine oil. If low-quality engine oil is used over time, the engine oil will eventually turn to sludge and the oil filter will stop the engine oil every time it passes through.

Audible Engine noise

When oil cannot flow properly on all sides engine due to a clogged oil filter, the metallic components begin to mash together due to too much amount of friction. Then the response will generate noise in the engine which will also be effective for the engine.


If these indications you have noticed with your vehicle then you must have to follow some instructions like turning off the engine, checking the gauge of your engine oil, check the thickness and pressure of your vehicle engine oil if its pressure is high or low then must get the assistance of service center and get tow of your vehicle to the workshop.

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