Elation Health EHR Software And Its Features

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If you’re looking for an EHR software that can cater to both the needs of your small and large business, you’ll want to consider a system that’s easy to use, affordable, and patient-focused. A software like Elation Health can do all of that, and more.

Ease of implementation

Elation Health EHR software is a platform for technology enabled care. It delivers secure electronic patient chart access and documents, as well as clinical data. With this platform, physicians can communicate with their patients and manage the entire appointment process from scheduling to billing.

Designed with primary care in mind, Elation is an open platform, enabling customers to build on top of the system. In addition to the EHR, the company offers a variety of other solutions for reducing administrative burdens and improving the quality of care.

Elation also offers an online booking system, making it easy for patients to schedule appointments. This system is designed to eliminate the need for paper-based intake forms. Patients can also make payments through the system.

Another feature of the Elation Health platform is the ability to track patient follow-up care. Additionally, the system offers bulk messaging and referral management.

Affordable price

Elation Health is a cloud-based, clinical EHR software solution that works with small to medium-sized primary care practices. It includes a patient portal, e-prescribing, and practice management. The vendor also offers outsourced medical billing services.

Elation’s customers say the platform provides consistent upgrades, easy navigation, and proper functionality. They see it as a key component to high-quality care. And the company’s investors are bullish.

Elation was founded in 2010 and counts more than 24,000 clinicians as customers. In addition to smaller health systems, it works with independent primary care providers.

Elation Health is built on an open architecture that allows customers to build on top of the platform. This means that partners can add features, customize, and extend the functionality of the system.

The Elation platform is designed to help providers improve efficiency, enhance collaboration, and increase transparency. Elation’s telehealth feature lets doctors see patients virtually, which streamlines documentation. There are also tools to assist with online payments.

Telehealth solution

Elation Health EHR software is a cloud-based clinical electronic medical record (EMR) that is designed for independent primary care providers. It helps to improve the patient experience, ensure optimal practice management, and decrease costs.

Elation’s EHR software offers several features, including patient scheduling, billing, and patient communication. It provides a complete view of patient information and includes an interactive charting interface.

The system also uses a virtual care workflow, powered by Zoom, that automates documentation for virtual visits. The system is also HIPAA-compliant and comes with a secure patient portal, enabling patients to request lab results and book appointments online.

ElationHealth’s comprehensive search feature allows physicians to quickly access patient medical data. It also provides a secure message service that allows physicians to share critical information with their team.

Cloud-based architecture

Elation Health is a clinical-first, API-driven EHR software platform. This modern EHR solution helps physicians deliver care at scale. The company provides support to tech-savvy primary care upstarts and large enterprise-level health systems.

Elation’s open architecture lets customers build on top of the platform to create a tailored experience. It also supports the integration of additional technologies, like an analytics package.

Elation is supported by a variety of healthcare organizations, including Cityblock Health and Firefly Health. In addition, it counts among its customers independent community-based PCPs.

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With its Cloud-based architecture, Elation offers a streamlined process for integrating and sharing patient data with other systems. It supports the exchange of more than one million API calls per day.

Patient-centered resource

Elation Health EHR Software helps physicians serve their patients by providing a user-friendly experience that streamlines the care process. According to Elation, over 24,000 clinicians are using their software, making it the fastest growing EHR in the industry.

Elation’s clinical-first approach provides clinicians with an easy way to track the patient’s full health history. This allows physicians to spend more time with patients, improving care.

In addition to a user-friendly interface, Elation’s EHR has been proven to reduce administrative and documentation burdens. The platform also includes an automatic recall feature, which eliminates redundant data entry.

Elation’s open architecture enables partners to build on top of the platform. For example, e-prescription software and online patient payment systems can be built on the platform.

Elation has raised $50 million in Series D funding, co-led by Ascension Ventures and Generation Investment Management. Additional investors include Threshold Ventures and Jonathan Bush.

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