Endometrial Aspiration With the Karman Cannula

Endometrial Aspiration With the Karman Cannula

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Originally developed in the 1970s by Harvey Karman, the Karman Cannula is a soft, flexible cannula that is used for a vacuum aspiration. It is thought to reduce the risk of perforation in the uterus during aspiration.


During the mid-1900s, the Karman cannula influenced the way abortions were performed. Its use was widespread in developing countries, and it became an integral part of late-stage abortions. The device, which was made of flexible plastic syringes, is easy to sterilize, and it is inexpensive. It is also useful for diagnosing uterine cancer.

Harvey Karman was an activist and educator for safe abortion techniques. He developed the Karman cannula, which was a flexible, soft tube that was easier to sterilize and less painful for women than rigid metal tubes. He also invented the super coil, which was intended to terminate second-trimester pregnancies. He used this technique on a dozen women in Philadelphia on Mother’s Day in 1972. But at least three women were seriously harmed by the super coil.

Karman was a psychology doctoral student at UCLA. He became interested in abortion while conducting research. He studied its emotional effects, and he later began performing abortions himself. His team performed abortions on young girls, and they taught midwives, village chiefs, and civic leaders. They also performed abortions on women who had been raped by Pakistani soldiers.


Among the many methods used to diagnose endometrial cancer and benign lesions, endometrial aspiration with Karman’s cannula is a relatively safe and simple procedure, which is especially true for women with an incontinence issue or those with chronic endometritis. It is also an excellent diagnostic tool, as endometrial aspiration yielded tissue that was adequate for histological evaluation in 82% of cases.

The best part about endometrial aspiration with Karman’s is that the procedure is relatively painless and can be performed on an outpatient basis. In addition, the endometrial specimens obtained during this procedure were processed and adequate for histologic evaluation in more than 82% of cases.

While the Karman cannula may be the sexiest, it is still a relatively inexpensive alternative to the Pipelle. It is also one of the more effective minimally invasive methods of endometrial aspiration, which has been studied in depth. It is also the least likely to result in anaesthesia-related complications, which can be a concern in the context of endometrial cancer.

Treatment for ectopic pregnancy

Using a Karman cannula for endometrial aspiration is a minimally invasive management technique. It is effective in accelerating the resolution of failed pregnancies. It also spares women from exposure to methotrexate. Besides, it is safe.

Karman cannulas are used in conjunction with vacuum curettage. They are flexible and longer than rigid cannulas. They may be used in patients with a very retroverted uterus, which may be difficult to reach with conventional instruments. They also offer an advantage in early first-trimester abortions.

A Karman cannula is attached to a handheld vacuum aspiration device. The cannula is inserted into the cervix and advanced to the fundus. It is used in the diagnosis and management of cervical ectopic pregnancy.

The Karman cannula is designed to avoid rigid instruments. It is also used in diagnosing pelvic inflammatory disease. Compared to conventional dilation and curettage, endometrial aspiration with a Karman cannula is safer and faster. It spares women from exposure to methotrexate and provides conservative management of cervical ectopic pregnancy.


Using the Karman cannula for therapeutic abortions is an easy, inexpensive and safe procedure. The cannula is designed to minimize uterine wall damage and is easily sterilized.

The Karman cannula is made from a plastic syringe and is a flexible tube used to aspirate the endometrium during an abortion. The cannula is used in both vacuum aspiration and suction aspiration abortions.

Harvey Karman was an American who studied therapeutic abortions during the twentieth century. He was also a pioneer in promoting safe abortions around the world. Karman travelled extensively, often to developing countries, to help educate healthcare providers on safe abortions. Karman’s technique is still widely used today, and it has saved thousands of lives worldwide.

Karman is known as the inventor of the Karman cannula. He developed a soft, flexible tube that he used for aspiration and suction of the endometrium. This method is used for evacuation of spontaneous abortions, removing the menstrual blood after a missed period, diagnosing uterine cancer, and evacuation of a miscarriage.

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