How to draw a Cloud

How to draw a Cloud

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How to draw a Cloud. Few more ruptures than walking outside and enjoying nature. When you are outside and well, it’s always a wonderful show to see the beautiful blue sky filled with swollen white clouds. If you liked the arrival and enjoyed the most beautiful clouds, then thinking about leading the clouds, you need to figure out where to start. If this seems to you, I want to read it!

To help you, we have this fun with simple guidance on how to draw 6 step cloud to put you on the right track! You can draw many more characters like bow and arrow drawing, Anubis drawing, betta fish drawing, cobra drawing, blueberry drawing, coconut drawing and many more cool drawing ideas.

Drawing a Cloud

Step 1:

In this first step of our leader on how to draw a cloud, you only start. Carefully draw the curved horizontal to see the reference picture. We are in this line in the following steps, so once has been drawn to the next step?

Step 2:

You have the first curve line that makes a great part of your cloud drawing; you can start adding more soft sections. Only three or four smaller parts of the part you have in the previous level. We added two parts on the left and one right in the image, so you can repeat this or change her little to a unique look.

Step 3:

Continuing from the last step, we will continue to add to the cloud drawing. Using more curved lines, add a few small pieces down where they stopped the last time. Use the two curved lines, one on both sides, to form the sides of your eyes. As you can see in the reference image, the curve line to the left is a little bigger on the right. It is a little more irregular, and you can change the sizes of different lumps in a way that is good for you.

Step 4:

We will add a background in the cloud to this level of our leader in how to draw clouds. It makes a continuous line of many small curves and smooth lines. This line is on the side of the other form of a perfect form of a cloud. For this step, you can also vary the sizes of the masses that you see as it looks exactly like you please!

Step 5:

How to draw a Cloud

Your cloud drawing is almost perfect, and the color is right now! Before the last step, have more than just a few small details. We added a few wavy lines inside a cloud to give additional pockets. You can reproduce those lines, add variations of yours, or draw the different parts of this image. You can do a lot to customize your drawing. Can you draw a few additional clouds about it or draw the details like flying birds or sun shines to give you a personality? What details will you add to finish your cloud drawing?

Step 6:

How to draw a Cloud

Now that you have drawn the cloud and added the specified final details, you have almost reached the end of this leader in how to draw clouds! Before, it will need beautiful colors, where you can have fun showing your creativity. If you have developers in fun additional details, you can also color them to add wonderful details to the drawing. You can also decide on the color type you want to get the background to suggest that the class is in a cloud drawing. You can use a lovely orange to feel like sunset or setting.

The bright blue and yellow sun will look like a beautiful summer day with a more gray color palette is more covered. You can also draw a lot of raindrops from a cloud and color them light blue to a wonderful variety of colors. Once you have decided on the colors you want to use, you can have fun even more with the skill reserves you want to finish your drawing. Acrylic paints and flight pens clearly and have clearer appearance colors. On the other hand, paintings, colored pencils, or pencils can give a softer look at these colors. What are your uses to finish your beautiful cloud drawing?

Make a cloud drawing even better.

His fun tips for this cloud drawing are even better. Are you sure to put yourself on cloud 9? It is kept in detail about this simple cloud form, but you can change it completely with any details. It’s fun to create a cartoon character from this cloud. You can do it easily using drawing a simple face on a cloud. Then, if you want to go even further, you can add members or accessories. These are just a few ideas, but at least you cannot think more!

Clouds, rain, and lightning in storms could add some of these effects here. Then the raindrops can be as simple as adding many small lines, or you could draw each. Then he could add unleashing lightning that makes you even more dynamic! These are a few examples of additional elements you could add to the drawing. Space cloud held enough to make it a little easier and much bigger! When the weather is rain, the cloud, the entire sky can fill the page with a cloud.

Or you could have multiple clouds grouped to create a cloudy spring day. Now you know how to draw a cloud, so adding more to one of us created here is easy! Depending on the severity of the rain, the cloud can be available in many colors. It can be white or soft or dark and appear almost pure. It gives you several colors to get this sketch. You can also use the professions as cotton as you can stick to the drawing to make it a 3D effect. You can use the food coloring with a cotton color if you want to effect, but also rather a dark cloud.

Your cloud drawing is complete?

At the end of step 6, you must complete the mission to learn to draw clouds! A cloud is a type of drawing that can be more delicate than you think when you start drawing it. What we have made to do is to make sure what you will have the opposite effect and find what you can be easier than you think. As long as you follow this guide and go slowly, you not only draw the cloud with free time, but you can also create your variations.

Once you can draw the cloud, what will you do to draw it unique to you? Your trip is still ongoing because many wonderful draws leaders like this are constantly out as you can enjoy. You want to make sure you get them, so you would have to check our site!

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