Mockingbird Drawing

How to Draw A Mockingbird Easily

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How to Draw A Mockingbird. The mockingbird is one of the most recognizable birds in the world. It is known for being a graceful and delicate bird and for its uncanny ability to mimic the sounds of different birds and beasts.

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This impressive trick gives the bird its name and helps it stand out from other wild birds.

Because the bird is so cute, it’s also a common subject in wildlife, and if you learn how to draw a thrush, you can create your own! At the end of this tutorial in front of you, it will seem easier than ever.

How to Draw A Mockingbird

Step 1

For this first step of our tutorial on how to draw a thrush, we will draw the bird’s head and beak.

We’ll use a curved, almost completely horizontal line for the top of the head. This will stick to the beak, which is quite thin and pointed.

Next, add another curved line running down the beak to form the beginning of the neck.

Draw a small circle shape for the eye, and then draw an even smaller circle inside.

Next, we’ll draw an angular section around the eye area, and you can create some texture detail by adding small lines near this shape.

Step 2

You have finished drawing your mockingbird’s head, and now we can start drawing the body.

The bird’s back is long and slightly curved as it extends from the base of the neck. This then curls back on itself as it morphs into the bird’s thin, pointed tail.

Once we’ve outlined the tail, we’ll add some small curved lines to add more feathery texture detail. Then it’s time to continue with step 3 of the guide!

Step 3

Thrushes have fairly short wings to match their small bodies, and we will draw the first section of the wing in this third step of this how-to draw a thrush guide.

We can draw the front of the wing with a few curved lines, and then we use smaller curved lines for the trailing edge to make the wing look featherlight.

We’ll also add some feather details on the inside of the wing and then draw more of those details on the inside.

So we can start drawing more of the bird’s body in the fourth step of the tutorial.

step 4

In this fourth part of your mockingbird drawing, you will draw more of the body and finish the wing.

You can draw sharp curved lines for the back of the wing to make it look like feathers are sprouting out.

As already mentioned, the wings in this bird are not very large and protrude only slightly from the body’s contour.

You can then complete this step by drawing the body of the bird.

You can use a slightly wavy line for the belly and then draw a small pointed shape for the top of the leg where the legs pop out of the feathers.

Step 5

Now we can finish the drawing to prepare you for this final step of this how-to guide on drawing a mockingbird.

Draw A Mockingbird

First, we draw the legs of the bird. Like many small birds, the thrush has very thin legs, and you can draw these by sprouting from the feathered sections at the base of the body.

Then horizontal lines are drawn across the legs to give them the leathery texture that bird legs have.

Finally, use some straightforward, slightly curved stripes for the department that the bird is posing on. Once you’ve drawn those aspects, feel free to draw more details!

Step 6

In this final step of your mockingbird design, you’ll get done with some colors.

Mockingbird Drawing

Mockingbirds aren’t exactly known for their bright color schemes in the wild, so we kept things more realistic in our reference image.

That means we used light blue with darker areas and then some white for the bird’s belly.

Also, if you like to use realistic colors similarly, you can add color variations by coloring some background elements!

You can also add variety by changing the art tools and media you use for colors. We can’t wait to see how you finish this draw!

Your Mockingbird Drawing is Finished!

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