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What type of massage is best for couples in Seattle?

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You’ve been missing out on one of the most enjoyable and memorable spa experiences if you’ve never experienced a couple’s massage. It’s possible to connect and bond with your loved one in a special and meaningful way by sharing such a calming and unforgettable experience.

Similar to other massage treatments, a couple’s massage is performed simultaneously on two distinct tables by two different massage therapists for you and your partner. It is the perfect date where you can enjoy some quality time with your partner by having a relaxing experience that you and your partner would be having at the same time. 

Couple massage Seattle by blue lotus spa is designed in a particular way to provide an innovative, unique, romantic, and exquisite massage experience that you and your partner won’t be able to find anywhere else. Now, you can have any message you want while having a massage with your partner but Swedish massage is one of the best massages that you could have with your partner. 

Massages that a couple should try

Swedish massage is a full-body therapeutic massage technique that stimulates the muscles and soft tissues to assist the body recover its health while also soothing and regulating the nervous system. In a Swedish massage, the therapist will utilize five primary massage techniques: gliding and stroking; kneading; rubbing; tapping or hammering; and vibration. 

This message is the epitome of perfection especially if you are new to the massage world. With its countless benefits, Swedish massage is one of the best massages that you can have as a couple. Moreover, this massage provides the intimate gentle touch that any other massage can’t provide. 

The second one is Aromatherapy. As the name indicates it is much of a therapy than a massage. various essential oils and aromatic oils are used by the masseuse to provide a scented, intimate, and soothing massage to you and your partner. This massage is perfect for a romantic date. Rose or neroli oil could be perfect for this kind of massage.

Benefits of having couple massage

The body and the mind benefit from occasional massage days. Swedish massages or aromatherapy are excellent ways to control mood, reduce stress, and support mental stability. But wouldn’t it be better to do these things with someone you care about? Because of this, many individuals, especially those who wish to make wonderful memories with their spouses, consider having these massages with their partner.

Couples massage may have several health benefits, including physical, cerebral, psychological, and emotional components in addition to its calming effects. Some of these can include pain relief, lymphatic system stimulation, therapeutic effects, and muscular relaxation.

Enjoy some time with your partner

You struggle to find time to spend with your spouse during the week because of regular interruptions like bills, jobs, and family. You feel the want to check your phone frequently to read and respond to business emails, even on your dinner date nights.

With a massage, you may unwind and put your job on wait for about an hour so you can spend quality time with your spouse. The nicest thing about getting a massage is that it provides you with the same benefits of relaxation as a little vacation. You won’t even need to miss a day of work or spend the night elsewhere.

Reduced anxiety and stress

Your body works really hard every day to relax. Your body makes an effort to reduce stress even when receiving a massage by producing serotonin and dopamine. These substances are crucial to your health. A massage may lift your spirits, ease tension, and strengthen relationships.

Additionally, massages lower cortisol levels. Stress is caused by the hormone cortisol. The majority of professionals concur that while your body is comfortable, so does your mind. Regular massage therapy may considerably reduce tension and anxiety.

Bonding activity

According to studies, keeping things fresh in your relationship helps strengthen your bond. You may totally immerse yourself in the action during a massage and accept the moment. With a lover by your side, the spa experience might feel twice as nice. A new and enjoyable experience may strengthen your relationships and foster a closer, more passionate relationship.


With blue lotus spa, you will have a couple massages of any kind you want. Whether you want Swedish massage with your partner or aroma therapy we assure you that you will have a new and intimate massage experience with your partner. So, book your appointment now.

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